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MAS 2022

We're excited to say we've had another record year in 2022. As we continue to grow, our objective remains consistent - to provide Daikin representatives with competitive, custom solutions. Thank you for making work fun; we truly appreciate every opportunity to work together.

We work with most Daikin representative offices. Here were our Top 10 for 2022:

2022 Invoice Graph.png

Note that about 10% of MAS jobs are designed with one firm and sold with another. For data purposes only, we allocate 75% of the revenue to the rep who secured basis of design, and 25% of the revenue to the rep who closed the project.

We've closed a lot of work this year and are heading into 2023 with over 50% projected growth!

Below references our top performing offices.

2022 Closure Graph.png

We work with many vendors to provide as many custom solutions as possible. Out top modifications for 2022 are below.

  1. Q-PAC ECM fan arrays - While we are separate companies, we still buy a lot from Q-PAC! We utilize them for vertical solutions, quick ship applications, and energy recovery units.

  2. MAS ECM fan arrays - We have our own ECM fan solution perfect for cost sensitive and lead time critical projects. 

  3. Heat Pipes - We work primarily with Heat Pipe Technology to provide wrap around and heat recovery heat pipes. This modification continues to trend upwards quite a bit! 

  4. Enthalpy Plates - A staple modification for us, we love providing high CFM enthalpy plate arrays. 

  5. Energy Recovery Wheels - We work with many different wheel manufacturers to provide enthalpy, sensible, and the occasional desiccant wheel. We're competitive with wheels at higher CFMs (>15,000 CFM outside air)

  6. Gas Heaters - Both indirect and direct fired gas heaters, for quick ship and energy recovery applications.

  7. Sensible Plates - Similar to enthalpy plates, without the latent energy recovery.

  8. Single Point Power - This is an 'add-on' modification that we can combine with custom units or ERVs. If MAS is providing components, we have a competitive and clean solution for single point power that we're proud of!

  9. Electric Heaters - Simple as they may be, we still provide plenty of them!

  10. Direct Drive Plenum Fans - They have their place in the market, we can provide quick ship direct drive plenum fans in horizontal, array, and vertical configurations. We also can provide for explosion proof applications!

In 2023 we're hoping to see Accubloc crack into the top 10! 

Accubloc is a very high efficiency heat exchanger that provides upwards of 95% sensible effectiveness and 90% latent effectiveness. Available in both sensible and enthalpy devices.

Looking into 2023

We believe lead times will soon stabilize among some manufacturers. MAS is still very competitive in price and lead time when pairing with Daikin's quick ship option. We expect price increases to stabilize as well. The Reconomizer layout has continued to be a powerhouse against competition, we see a 75% win rate when securing basis of design. We've received overwhelmingly positive feedback on our Knockdown jobs - solidifying that we are a competitive and complete solution in a formerly custom-only market.

In 2023 MAS is looking forward to continue developing our team and becoming more efficient. We are fortunate to have zero turnover since we moved to Minnesota in 2020. This has helped us keep our lead times down and our fun levels up. We have a lot in store for 2023 and we're very excited to continue finding ways for you to win. And remember, our future modifications start with your current needs and problems!

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