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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MAS best at?

Providing commercial air handling solutions that standard manufacturers can't build, and custom manufacturers are too expensive for.

High CFM ERVs, low footprint, quick ship & knockdown are what we focus on.

What does MAS provide for selections?

Full unit drawings (PDF/ 2D CAD), REVIT, revised DST file fully configured for ordering, technical data/submittals, and pricing.

What do I need to send you?

For simple mods, send us your DST job edit/sharing permissions and advise what section/ unit tag/component you would like modified.

For custom ERVs, we'll build the file for you! Just let us know your dimensional constraints and required performance.

What is MAS not best at?

Low CFM units. Our labor and freight do not scale well on a $/CFM basis at lower CFMs.

Will you modify anything other than Vision/Skyline?

Not yet.

When should I use MAS?

We'll let you know up front if MAS is a good fit! Our #1 goal is to find you the best solution, and that often is sticking with a standard offering. We are here to help you create solutions that will give you an advantage without going full custom.

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