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Fighting length?

When was the last time your mechanical room had plenty of space? Rooftop unit getting too long? Use some of these popular MAS designs to cut length.


Supply Fans

Put your supply fan above the cooling coil to save on length.  Using ECM fans we can limit the height that this modification adds for a very compact design.

We can also do this with direct drive plenum fans!


If you have an end-only connection, or open return, we can build a short length "bolt-on" filter rack to minimize length even more

Stacked Q-PAC.PNG
Stacked Q-PAC - Bolt-on.PNG


Return / Exhaust Fans

Vertical Return Fan.PNG

This modification can cut out upwards of 10 feet in length at higher CFMs.  As long as you have bottom return, this modification lowers footprint of any economizer unit.


For indoor units with top connections, we can do vertical Q-PAC in downblast orientation to cut length!

Vertical Downblast Return Fan.png
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