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How it works

Send us an email or a Daikin Tools file and let us know you need a Knockdown solution and we can get you a quote.  We typically just need a rough idea of the size you need to get through (door, double door, louver opening). We can provide largest component sizes upon request. The quote include MAS site supervision if the unit is complex, or we'll list as an optional add if it's a simpler unit.

When we win the project and receive the unit, we'll place color coded labels on each component and draft up assembly instructions for each section. Each assembly packet is unique to the project, we aim to keep this document simple to follow but detailed enough to assemble without site supervision.


The image above shows a section with color coded labels. Note that all pallets and components are shrink wrapped and/or crated.

Requirements and things to consider

  • The unit must be indoor construction

  • We like to provide Q-PAC ECM arrays for the fan system due to the ease of field install.

    • We can be flexible on fan type but Q-PAC will keep the overall project cost and complexity to a minimum​

  • We can provide modular components such as split coils, modular gas heaters, etc. to simplify re-assembly - note that these components do add cost.

  • We're really passionate about Knockdown and have received only positive feedback. We hope we can help with your next project!

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