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An OEM solution to field knockdown & re-assembly

How it works?

Air handling units are not always easily accessible... or installed in locations with replacement in mind...

With MAS knockdown, we disassemble the AHU to it's core components in a controlled factory environment.


We place color coded labels on every component, and draft up full unit assembly instructions. Each assembly packet is unique to the project; we aim to keep this document simple to follow, but detailed enough to assemble without site supervision.


Note that all pallets and components are shrink wrapped and/or crated prior to shipment

Requirements and things to consider

1- The unit must be indoor construction

2- We need to provide fans for the knockdown solution. MAS cannot knock down pre-installed fans

3- EC fans are most common for MAS knockdown solutions, due to the ease of install onsite

4- Knockdown can include most of our standard modifications! (i.e. electric heat, gas heaters, HX, etc.)

We're really passionate about Knockdown and have received only positive feedback.
We hope we can help with your next project!

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