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MAS can help get you design ERVs that land between standard and custom.  Historically we have a high success rate with units over 10,000CFM.

We're good at optimizing dimensions, and we have several design tricks to accomplish this.  Every design is a little different, and we configure the selection file for you! 

Indoor Side-by-Side
Isometric - Damper Side.png

Indoor Side-by-Side

Up to 60,000 CFM


Uncommon configuration for standard manufacturers (at higher CFM)

Effective for lower height applications

Single-side access available

Height limitations drove this design, as a wheel would not fit.  The flexibility of the stacked Core arrangement saved length and fit the space.

20,000 CFM


63,400 CFM Partial OA (25,000 CFM) with economizer

63400CFM (40% OA) Wheel Unit - Indoor -

40,000 CFM DOAS

This design utilizes our Split Core Design.  Because enthalpy plates ship in pieces, we don't need a full width heat exchanger section. This allows us to get larger capacities, and makes rigging a lot easier.

Wheels cannot be split!

Split Core.png
40000CFM DOAS (Indoor Sidebyside).PNG

This image is an example of a "full width" heat exchanger module that was split down the middle.  They mate together in field and function as if it was a single full width piece!

Indoor Stacked

Indoor Stacked

Up to 60,000 CFM


Much more flexibility than other standard manufacturers' stacked capabilities

Effective for lower width applications

Utilize variable height tunnels to combat competition

Indoor Stacked.png

30,000 CFM

Partial OA (15,500 CFM)

The supply air tunnel required 80"H (coil face velocity). The tunnel above it only has filters so we can angle them, requiring only 42"H.

We always use the most effective combination of aspect ratio to shrink unit dimensions.  This is zero special, and actually a configuration in your selection software!

Indoor Stacked Variable Height Tunnel.PN
44kCFM Dual Wheel Indoor.jpg

44,000 CFM DOAS Dual Wheel 

We can utilize width, and our custom configuration to make dual wheel units! 

Outdoor Side-by-Side

Outdoor Side-by-Side

Outdoor Side-by-Side.png

Up to 40,000 CFM


Optimized aspect ratios, save footprint!

Zero specials

Single point power - single piece units AND multiple shipping splits

15,700 CFM DOAS

Wheel, Q-PAC with backdraft dampers, gas heater, single point power.  Competition could not match footprint.

Side-by-side wheel with gas heat, variab

20,000 CFM DOAS

Core, Q-PAC with backdraft dampers, single point power.  Competition could not match price.

Side-by-side Outdoor Core ERV - Single P

7,000 CFM DOAS

Wheel and plate re-heat

7,000 is a little low on the CFM scale, but if you absolutely need a low footprint unit, we can help.  We will not be the cheapest option, but we will be the most compact.

Outdoor SBS 7000CFM DOAS Wheel with Rehe
Outdoor Stacked

Outdoor Stacked

Up to 40,000 CFM


Optimized aspect ratios, save footprint!

Zero specials

Single point power options

Stacked Skyline (Intec).png

26,500 CFM DOAS

We built qty. (5) identical units, including sensible plate arrays, Q-PAC, indirect fired gas heat, space for a future cooling coil.  Lead time and competitive price won the project.

Outdoor Stacked - Brose 26500CFM DOAS.PN

40,000 CFM

Partial OA (20,000 CFM)

Outdoor Stacked 20kCFM Partial OA.PNG
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