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MAS 2021

We're big fans of collecting and analyzing data.

Instead of keeping it to ourselves we wanted to share it with you!

We're very thankful for the opportunities to win together and we look forward to a successful 2022!

We work with most Daikin representative offices, here were our Top 10 for 2021:

2021 Invoice Graph.png

We've closed a lot of new work this year and are heading into 2022 expecting to grow quite a bit.

Below is the work we have already closed heading into 2022 by the top 10 offices.

2022 WIP Graph.png

We built several Knockdown and Reconomizer™ projects this year and have found these offerings to provide a massive opportunity for reps. Both of these modifications far exceed our normal closure rate, which is great for us and you! Fun fact: Our closure rate for a basis of design Reconomizer job is ~75%+


Shown above is a Knockdown mixing box section. All panels and components are labeled with color coded stickers that correlate with our assembly instructions created specific for each unit on each project.

This pallet would be shrink wrapped before shipping.

Shown above is a Reconomizer™ section - an economizer section that incorporates energy recovery for partial outside air applications. This unit included enthalpy plates.
This patent pending design is cost effective and a headache for competition.

Just a refresher on how the airflow works in normal/heat exchanger mode above

and economizer mode below.


It was tough to break down jobs by type, we ended up simplifying to whether or not a job had energy recovery by MAS or not.

piechart 2 (dollar).png

Looking into 2022

With manufacturers continuing to push out on lead times, remember that MAS can help resolve lead time issues. We can get components in 4-6 weeks typically and turn around an install in 1-3 weeks depending on complexity. If you quick ship us sections, we can deliver fully custom designed units before competitors can even get components. Keep in mind we list our component lead times on our website, here.

We are excited to continue finding ways to help you win more jobs! Our future modifications start with your current needs and problems, so please let us know how we can help with the next one!

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